Making it Just Fabulous

I bought a pair of hippie-esque wooden platform wedge shoes that are, in a word, gorgeous.

Like many stylish shoes that do not include the word “flat” in the title, these lovely shoes turned my feet into a nightmare of blisters on every. single. toe.

“Is this the end?” I thought, as I limped home after an evening in the city, bandaids hanging listlessly, having provided no relief to the sharp faux leather straps stabbing my toes, I believed I would never wear them again.

Hippie Shoes

Fast forward months later, I decided to wear them again, because, come on, they’re so cute.

Something had to be done, and as I sat in hopelessness, I thought of something. I have knowledge in the skill of textile arts. I know how to cut rectangles into useful shapes, and use a hot glue gun to top it off.

Want to make your cute shoes not torture you? Follow the steps I list below loosely, and maybe my magic will work for you. Maybe.

What you need: 

  • Scraps of some soft fabric. I used flannel left over from the Pajama Fiasco. It doesn’t really matter what color it is, since ideally it won’t show.
  • A marker
  • Hot glue gun (ideally with glue sticks to go with it)
  • A pair of shoes that you love that have hurt you in the past.
  • Scissors

What you do:

You probably remember exactly where it is that those shoes hurt you. The idea is to cushion those areas. These shoes were fine everywhere except in the front, so that is the spot I focused on.

Open wide

Open up the shoes, if possible. If not, work on the outside and then trim to fit later. You’ll need to do that anyway.

Using the marker, trace around the area you would like to be padded. It’s a bit awkward holding everything, but just try to get it as close as possible. It’s better for it to be too big than too small.

Trace 'emMatch 'em

At this point, I assume you had the foresight to plug in the hot glue gun at the beginning. If not, do that now.

Since hot glue dries super fast, and it would be preferable to not have dried up glue all over your shoes, make sure everything is ready. Match the piece to where it’s going to go, have the shoe positioned and ready to have fabric on it.

Glue around the perimeter of where your cushions are going to go, then place it on, and pat it firmly (better to not have it dry all round and then irritate your feet in all new ways). When all the pieces are in place, cut the extra flannel off, and voila!

Who said fashion is pain? Hah!

Shoes1 Shoes2

As you can see, the flannel is not visible when being worn. After the night out, the flannel was pretty worn out, and burning or zigzag stitching the edges may help with that.

Another tip: if your heels are hurting your arch, tape your third and fourth toe together (yes, tape them). This take pressure off of your arch or something like that, and you will be less sore along with blister free!

What a time to be alive.