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How to Style Your Favorite Crochet Items

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When it’s extremely cold outside, there’s no better way to warm your body than to wear crochet items such as hats and hand warmers.

Carol’s Crochet Collection creates customized crocheted items in a variety of colors to go with just about any outfit you own. Here are some suggestions on how to style them!


When it’s not cold enough to need to hide all your fingers, wear a cute hand warmer! Pair it with a sweater that can be worn wrapped or long, bell bottom pants and comfy fur-lined shoes. Don’t be shy to show off those fingers with a statement ring!
Bring a pop of color to the dreary winter with a warm crochet brimmed hat (perfect for battling the snow, paired with bright oranges, blues, and purples. Jazz up the look with wedge sneakers!


Warm up soft greens and blues with a multicolored neck warmer. Add a statement ring and bracelet for some cool winter feels, and spice it back up with cognac colored boots.

If you’re not afraid to wear white, this beret is perfect to wear with dark reds, black, and gray. Add a pop of red color to your lips and a fun cat ring.

Interested in ordering a crochet item from Carol’s Crochet Collection? Check out some of the items they’ve created by clicking here, and fill out the order form for a quote on your custom item!


Master has given Dobby a sock!

Meet the newest addition to my shop, Dobby!


Dobby likes socks, Harry Potter, long naps on the beach… oh, I’m sorry. Too soon for that joke. RIP Dobby <3


Anyway, I’ve actually been working on this new doll since like… late October. I made my own pattern for him, and made a ton of (blue) prototypes that my whole family found to be kind of weird.

I got down to construction in January. The toughest part was getting his nose to be just right- there are a lot of little stitches in there just to give Dobby that friendly look that sets him apart of Kreacher. I think the embroidery on his face helped with that, too.

This doll is entirely hand sewn, and is also the first doll I’ve made with eyelids! I made his tunic out of white broadcloth that I dyed with tea. The best part of Dress Me Dobby, in my opinion, is his wardrobe… I was so determined that I got over my dislike of knitting to make his a little Weasely sweater, three socks (because we know how Dobby feels about matching socks), and a little hat, that was probably knitted by Hermione, obviously.

Dobby was a lot of fun to make, and I already have another order for him. I’m also going to be working on more characters from Harry Potter soon!


You can see Dobby on my etsy here.