Master has given Dobby a sock!

Meet the newest addition to my shop, Dobby!


Dobby likes socks, Harry Potter, long naps on the beach… oh, I’m sorry. Too soon for that joke. RIP Dobby <3


Anyway, I’ve actually been working on this new doll since like… late October. I made my own pattern for him, and made a ton of (blue) prototypes that my whole family found to be kind of weird.

I got down to construction in January. The toughest part was getting his nose to be just right- there are a lot of little stitches in there just to give Dobby that friendly look that sets him apart of Kreacher. I think the embroidery on his face helped with that, too.

This doll is entirely hand sewn, and is also the first doll I’ve made with eyelids! I made his tunic out of white broadcloth that I dyed with tea. The best part of Dress Me Dobby, in my opinion, is his wardrobe… I was so determined that I got over my dislike of knitting to make his a little Weasely sweater, three socks (because we know how Dobby feels about matching socks), and a little hat, that was probably knitted by Hermione, obviously.

Dobby was a lot of fun to make, and I already have another order for him. I’m also going to be working on more characters from Harry Potter soon!


You can see Dobby on my etsy here.