The Golden Age

This (school) year, we had 4 sessions (basically semesters) at Staten Island Dance and Art Center. Last year, my fashion classes were sort of, whatever I thought of next, but I wanted to use this structure to my advantage. With four sessions, I could pick four themes to jump off of. Well, really three- the last session is dedicated to our Annual Fashion Show of course!

The second session was dedicated to Old Hollywood Fashion. The girls loved it! I started with this fun Buzzfeed Quiz I made. I was scouring the web for a good one, but everything was just slightly too inappropriate for the 8-14 year old age range so… I made my own!

We started with a power point presentation, highlighting different looks that were in style in Hollywood in the 30s-50s- cigarette pants, LBD, you know. The girls were shocked when I told them it was technically illegal in some towns for women to wear pants when Katharine Hepburn was walking around in tailored suits. That’s always fun. It was nothing compared to the Victorian Steampunk lesson we just did!

The beginner class made Little Black Dresses in true Audrey style, but the Advanced class was allowed to get creative.

Elle got the iconic Marilyn Monroe as her Hollywood style sister, and decided to design a white coat as a nod to the flowy white dress. It’s made out of white minky and tulle.
Jessica, always the neat sewer, went with an Audrey-style LBD in navy. She tirelessly took the dress in and out again until she got the perfect fit!
Nadine, the speedster, had this dress done weeks before everyone else, even with me making her finish her edges. This dress is made of a nice velvet. The belt is actually recycled shower curtain holes. I do not know what’s holding them together.
Valentina the Daring- she loves tulle. Probably a little more daring than the old Hollywood starlets went, but it looks fabulous! She was very cold in this, however, since we finished this up in January!
The Rising Star of the Beginner Class- Arianna entered the program in the middle of the 2nd session and has really dived into it! She got a little experimental with her satin LBD and added some buttons.


I’d been trying to do it for a while, but I finally got my sister involved in my classes. She came to teach an Old Hollywood Make Up lesson and boy, was that a hit, even from the girls in there scoffing at make up (haha). I can’t wait to have Jessie back to help the girls design their Runway Makeup to compliment their runway looks!

The Make Up Artist herself


I’ve got a lot planned for the rest of the year. On the 31st we’re hosting Fashion Survivor, and in April we’re heading to Jo-Anns for a shopping trip.