About Me


I am Melissa: former clown turned super villain. I plan to have stitched everyone in the world into one slightly-too-small woolen blanket by 2018.

Top right: My beautiful best friend Twinkles, who is also my sewing assistant.

Top Left: That handsome & incredibly helpful man there is my boyfriend, Phil. He is in denial about cats being his favorite animal.

Bottom right: I have a cougar. His name is Cougy.

Bottom left: I wasn’t kidding. I am a former clown.

I have been sewing since I was 5 years old. My grandmother taught me. The first big thing I made was my prom dress, than a Princess Belle gown, and then I kept going from there. Now I make commissioned costumes, costumes for myself, and of course, teach. Teaching is something I really love to do.

Many people ask me why I don’t get my teaching certificate and teaching in a school, and that is a question I often grapple with. If I were to be a school teacher, I would teach high school history. I never intended on teaching fashion and sewing, I gave up on being a fashion designer in high school. But some time between then and now, I realized that there are more fashion careers out there than just designing. I was contacted by Sundog Theatre to be their resident costumer, and was also contacted by SIDAC to teach their fashion program. Plus I have a hand full of regular private students.

Even though school teaching may be more stable, I’m holding out for this. Last year, I taught kids a lot- I love history, so I disguised history lessons under the guise of sewing and fashion, and boy did it work. A lot of institutions don’t believe me when I say that it’s possible, but I have seen kids really become inspired by subjects that taught in a different way (ie school) would have bored them to death.

In the wake of common core curriculum and working for the test, I think it’s important to introduce kids to really interesting topics and let them explore them without stressing about grades. So, that’s why I do this.


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