Harlem Fashion

I have been working as a Fashion Design teacher for Harlem Educational Activities Fund’s Saturday Academy since January, and the semester came to an end this past Saturday,  May 13. It was a big class- about 26 kids (even though on average only 16 or so kids were there each class, which obviously presented its own challenges…)

Anyway! After so many weeks, we had our Culminating Event- a fashion show! We didn’t have sewing machines at this location, so I brought in a ton of old, donated dresses for “upcycling,” one of my favorite challenges. They had hand sewing needles, lots of scrap material I had been saving up for them since January, and hot glue, which was made liberal use of!

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of every kid! That’s always the tough part of running these fashion show- I don’t get to take pictures. But here’s a select few, anyway!

I won’t be returning to HEAF- the commute from Staten Island was just a bit much!- but I really do wish all of these lovely ladies the very best in life! HEAF is a great program with lots to offer, and I hope they all take advantage of that!