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One on one sewing lessons

Guess who?


In a couple of weeks, my student, Holly, is having a movie/cartoon costume day at school, so she decided to be… Marie from Aristocats, a movie that came out 35 years before she was born. This kid is so dedicated to cat culture. Today we started working on a cat mask to go with the costume. We wanted to use yarn, so we coated it with a special glue mixture to stiffen it up and attach it at our next lesson. She chose to do this over making a matching Easter dress for an AG doll, so you know she means business!

One of the things that makes teaching Holly so fun is that she always has ideas for what to make, and we work together to figure out how to make it work. She’ll be awesome on Project Runway one day! But for now, she’ll be acting like a cat… right after I took this picture, she got on all fours and starting patting at some yarn!

Also, I have yet to meet her sans article of cat clothing. If it’s not a t-shirt, it’s leggings. Once, it was a necklace. So, basically, Holly is #goals because I really want more cat clothes in my life.

Snow White and the Evil Queen

Halloween was a particularly exciting event for my student, Holly. She went out trick-or-treating dressed in a costume she made herself at 8 years old! I can no longer show off about making my own prom dress at 17. Nope, this kid got to WORK.

We had a pattern, of course. She couldn’t decide between Snow White or Cinderella. Tough decision, classics are solid choices, but the cape and fancy collar won out.

Rippin' stitches. It happens.
On that slip stitch game.
Look how neat that applique is! I didn't even help her with that.
Look how neat that applique is! I didn’t even help her with that. And don’t even get me started on those gathers!
To be fair, I did an awful lot of the pinning.
To be fair, I did an awful lot of the pinning.
When we finished the bow! She was especially curious as to how people get that perfect looking bow. It is a nifty trick!
When we finished the bow! She was especially curious as to how people get that perfect looking bow. It is a nifty trick!

Overall, it took us about 19 and a half hours to finish up this costume. I’m not sure who was more proud, her or me.

But then, a week before Halloween, Holly’s older sister decided that she needed to be the Evil Queen, because she’s got good taste in Disney villains & knows that it’s never not cool to go with theme costumes. So, I got to whip her up a costume because apparently they don’t exist in stores anyway.

SnowWhite3The cape was my favorite part to do. I love how shiny that material is. I used a “costume satin” (whatever that means, Joanns) for the black and broadcloth for the lining. I used a very stiff interfacing for the collar and attached it with velcro. Holly’s had a lighter interfacing so her collar falls back all sweet like, but I knew the Evil Queen needed it to be as evil as possible.

The dress was a toughie. I ended up using a basic floor-length dress pattern and adding sleeves. It was made for stretch knits but I ignored that and it came out pretty nice. I made the sleeve out of a pattern I had for something else, and just added extra fabric to make it as dramatic as possible.

So evil
So evil

SnowWhite1 SnowWhite

And here we are! They look beyond awesome, in my not so humble opinion.

Easy Peesy Make Up Bag

I’m always looking for fun and easy projects to make with my students. Of course, we often do bigger, more complicated projects, but it’s also fun to learn some one-sitting sort of projects to make a quick gift, get some practice in, or just as a little confidence booster.

This pattern by So Sew Easy ended up being a quick and easy introduction to zippers for my student, Lisa, who is also a make-up artist.

MakeUpBag2 MakeUpBag3

Lisa did this with a nice velvet on the outside and a black silk on the inside. Paired with a cute zipper, I thought that this bag came out very sophisticated! She ended up making a bunch more by our next class, and I even got to bring one home 🙂 I keep my colored pencils in it because this bag is quite versatile.