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Guess who?


In a couple of weeks, my student, Holly, is having a movie/cartoon costume day at school, so she decided to be… Marie from Aristocats, a movie that came out 35 years before she was born. This kid is so dedicated to cat culture. Today we started working on a cat mask to go with the costume. We wanted to use yarn, so we coated it with a special glue mixture to stiffen it up and attach it at our next lesson. She chose to do this over making a matching Easter dress for an AG doll, so you know she means business!

One of the things that makes teaching Holly so fun is that she always has ideas for what to make, and we work together to figure out how to make it work. She’ll be awesome on Project Runway one day! But for now, she’ll be acting like a cat… right after I took this picture, she got on all fours and starting patting at some yarn!

Also, I have yet to meet her sans article of cat clothing. If it’s not a t-shirt, it’s leggings. Once, it was a necklace. So, basically, Holly is #goals because I really want more cat clothes in my life.

Me, Etsy, and the last 5 years

I think I was in high school when I decided to start sewing and selling American Girl doll clothes. I’m not sure if that was before or after I made my prom dress, but I realized I much prefer working small to big. It took me a long time to come to terms with that. I’ve also taken painting classes since I was in high school, and was always told the specific size that I had to work in, and even the mediums. But now I realize that some artists like to work on tiny canvases, while others fill the wall. And both of those are okay.

However, my goal is really to sell my cute dollies and clothes for American Girl dolls. I made my first Etsy sale in 2012 when I had finally stocked my shop with some pretty nice clothes. In fact, the first one that sold was the least cringe-worthy (in retrospect) dress in my shop. I can’t help but cringe when I compare my old work to my new work, which is why all my old work is in a special “sale” basket at all my craft baskets for $5 a piece. They are probably worth much more than that, but I’ll just about give them away at this point to not have to look at them anymore!

The biggest problem with Etsy during college was that I was just too busy to keep it stocked. They say you need around 50-100 items to really start getting a following. Now that I’m graduated and doing the whole self-employed thing, I guess I have no excuse but to keep it stocked! I’ve got lots of holiday outfits, and lots of other stuff too. I’m also working on some special projects that will be up as custom orders soon, and I’m very excited about them!

I have also started an instagram- follow me @simplymelissy!

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