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Sewing Summer Camp!


Today I taught my first group sewing lesson today at Staten Island Dance and Arts Center! It was challenging, hectic, and rewarding.

The goal was for four girls under 12 years old to hand sew a bag with little-to-no sewing experience in three hours. Quite the challenge!

I had made a pattern for a cell phone purse, which some of the girls modified to be an iPad case. I had four stitches to teach them, plus some pre-drawn appliques, with the option to draw their own. A few weeks before the camp, I drew out the pattern and made a sample:

MQbagThat M was supposed to be a lightning bolt. It failed, leading me to sew on my initials and print out lightning bolts for the kids to sew on instead of them, too, failing and making M’s. Even though then we would have had a bunch of purses with a Miss Melissa tribute on them! hehe.

Anyway, all went well. Only one of the four girls declared that she hates hand sewing, and three of the four girls more or less finished their bags! Yay!

Now, I’m really looking forward to the fashion design class and sewing workshops starting in October. I have a better idea of the skill level to prepare for, and how exhausting it will be! I can’t wait to be exhausted like that. It’s so interesting to see how different kids react to sewing. Some find it tedious but worth it, some find it therapeutic, and most of the time they seemed excited for the challenge. I can’t wait to help my fashion design students make fabulous looks to walk the runway in at the Fashion Show!

Easy Peesy Make Up Bag

I’m always looking for fun and easy projects to make with my students. Of course, we often do bigger, more complicated projects, but it’s also fun to learn some one-sitting sort of projects to make a quick gift, get some practice in, or just as a little confidence booster.

This pattern by So Sew Easy ended up being a quick and easy introduction to zippers for my student, Lisa, who is also a make-up artist.

MakeUpBag2 MakeUpBag3

Lisa did this with a nice velvet on the outside and a black silk on the inside. Paired with a cute zipper, I thought that this bag came out very sophisticated! She ended up making a bunch more by our next class, and I even got to bring one home 🙂 I keep my colored pencils in it because this bag is quite versatile.